The OF Blog: New writing gig, including my first print appearance since 2000

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New writing gig, including my first print appearance since 2000

Yes, for the first time since 2000 (when a fellow teacher and I were interviewed by the local paper about the 2000 elections and our efforts to register our students to vote), something I've said/written will appear in a written magazine.

A couple of weeks ago, after my article "'International SF' and Problems of Identity" was posted on the Nebula Awards site, I was contacted by Roberto Mendes, who had recently started a Portuguese SF magazine called Dagon. He asked for permission to translate my article into Portuguese and I granted it.  He emailed me last night to say that it would appear in the January 2010 issue and that there would be a print edition of it.

He also asked if I would be willing to contribute to a related blog, Correio do Fantástico, and I said yes to that as well.  So sometime in the near future (depending on my free time), I'll be contributing articles and perhaps reviews to it, as well as elsewhere.  Very excited about this opportunity to interact with writers, readers, and critics from across the globe.  Be sure to click on the link above to see more about it (it's in Portuguese, I ought to add).


Romeu Martins said...

Oh Yeah! Larry Nolen in Portuguese!

Harry Markov said...

Congrats man. :)

Fabio Fernandes said...


Lsrry said...

Thanks everyone. Guess I'll soon be able to add a sig line that says "Seja disponível em português"? :P

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