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Saturday, January 04, 2014

List of Prémio Literário José Saramago winners

One of my previously unstated 2014 reading goals was to read more literary prize winners from each of the four Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French) that I am reading extensively in this year.  While this literary prize is much newer (and worth only €25,000) than the Premio Strega, Goncourt, or even the revived Premio Alfaguara, there are some high-quality writers on this list that I do want to read in Portuguese by year's end, if possible, with perhaps some, if not all, of them being reviewed.  Below are the list of the winners of this biannual prize:

1999  Paulo José Miranda, Natureza Morta

2001  José Luís Peixoto, Nenhum Olhar

2003  Adriana Lisboa, Sinfonia em Branco

2005  Gonçalo M. Tavares, Jerusalém*

2007  Valter Hugo Mãe, o remorso de baltazar serapião

2009  João Tordo, As Três Vidas

2011  Andréa del Fuego, Os Malaquias

2013  Ondjaki, Os Transparentes

first read in Spanish translation years ago

Based off of the three (two in Portuguese) that I have read, the quality is very good in terms of the content as well as the form.  The Tavares at least is available in English translation (through Dalkey Archive); uncertain if any of the others have been translated yet into English.


Ricardo Lourenço said...

Nenhum Olhar was also translated. The english version is titled "Blank Gaze".

Ricardo Lourenço said...

From the author's website:
"Prize. His first novel "Nenhum Olhar" (published as "Blank Gaze" in the UK by Bloomsbury and as "The Implacable Order of Things" in the USA by Doubleday/Anchor/Random House) was shortlisted in all major literary awards in Portugal and won the Jose Saramago Literary Award, delivered every two years for the best novel written in all portuguese-speaking countries."

Lsrry said...

Very cool to know! I plan on reading each of these in Portuguese, provided I can find affordable copies, but sometimes I might want a translation to read just to make 100% sure of a few nuances. Then again, re-reads usually do help comprehension even more (although the translations make it much easier for me to cite relevant passages for review purposes).

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