The OF Blog: Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Yes, that most important day on the calendar has arrived yet once more.  Today is the day to celebrate the squirrels in your life.  Give them your nuts.  Hug them if they are so inclined as to receive one.  Adore them.  Thank them for checking the wiring around you in order to make sure that you do so lest it fail catastrophically.  Appreciate the sacrifices that they've made in order to bring a smile to your face (or the exercise involved in shaking your fist).

Hope you all have a blessed Squirrel Appreciation Day and maybe the rabid ones won't bite you...too much.


srs said...

In honer of Squirrel Appreciation Day, I eagerly look forward to The OF Blog review of The Nut Job
(maybe I shouldn't hold my breath...)

Lsrry said...

Not today, alas, as I'm under the weather. However, I may watch it sometime in the near future, at least in order to educate my 1 year-old niece in the ways of squirrelism.

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