The OF Blog: Part I of the reorganization is now (mostly) complete

Monday, January 20, 2014

Part I of the reorganization is now (mostly) complete

I just finished rearranging some of the links in my blogrolls.  Since I do read more blogs than I was listing in my previous blogroll, I added several blogs (including some suggested by readers) and divided the blog section into Literary/Realist and Speculative and Mystery sections (taking liberties with assigning a few that do cover both). 

But there is more to come.  I know there are many deserving sites that are missing, especially those that cover topics/books that aren't often as reviewed on other sites/blogs.  In particular, I would like to have more links to sites covering translated fictions and perhaps non-translated writings as well.  Might look into adding a historical fiction section if I can find enough relevant blogs that interest me.  Again, if you know of any such sites, feel free to mention them in the comments.


Heloise said...

Well, for historical fiction I'd strongly recommend The Idle Woman. She covers not only historical fiction, but also the occasional fantasy or literary fiction novel as well as movies, exhibitions and drama performances, all in a manner that is both unpretentious and insightful. It's one of the best blogs around, in my opinion ad well worth checking out.

Lsrry said...

That is a very well-written series of posts. Thanks for linking me to it, as that is exactly the sort of site I would love to visit regularly :D

The Idle Woman said...

Thank you so much, Heloise and Larry. Just discovered this. :-) Now you have one very happy (and blushing) blogger on your hands!

Lsrry said...

So it seems!

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