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Sunday, October 05, 2008

STFU, Reader

I unfortunately became aware of a LJ called "Finish the Book, George" this morning when I was cleaning out some links for wotmania's Other Fantasy section. I guess I'm giving this person what he (it could be a she, but based on what I've read, it seems more likely it is a bantam cock responding, although there are plenty of women I know who can be just as aggressive and irritating) wants, attention, by even noting this.

I wonder if I should start a similar page for Jack Vance, who hasn't published a novel in over ten years. Never mind the guy's age and health, he hasn't published original fiction since the 1990s, OMG! Or maybe I should start a blog called "Bas-Lagged" since China Miéville hasn't published a Bas-Lag novel since 2004, despite all the other projects he's wanted to accomplish (and has) since then? Or how about one expressing my frustration that Steven Erikson no longer will have his Malazan books released in the US every six months or so?

I guess if there's any point to this, is that yet once again there are some demanding assholes out there. Go look at them, then imagine the schmucks who honk their horns constantly at old ladies who are trying to remember which street they have to cross. Or the blithering idiots whose idea of "supporting" a sports team is to berate the coach and players almost constantly, despite displaying a near total lack of understanding of sports strategy or execution. The type that will use pseudonyms or anonymous handles to spew whatever comes to their minds, without having the cojones to "man up" and admit that if the roles were reversed, they'd be sick of the bastards themselves within a day.

So yeah, this schmuck got the attention he desired; if he got what he deserved, it would have beem more of a simple STFU and a move on with a shrug and no thought for them left behind.


Adam Whitehead said...

I'm wondering how long it takes for this to descend into a total shitstorm ;-)

In fairness, GRRM told the complainers to take their frustrations and vent it somewhere else other than his blog, and that's what these folks are doing. What I'm more amazed by is how astonishingly badly-informed these people are about certain elements of ADWD which are freely available on the Westeros homepage or on the book's Wikipedia article (like the guy screaming about having to wait until Book 6 to find out more about Arya, when she's in ADWD FFS).

Lsrry said...

Depends on who reads it and when. I'm more about it being a general rant than just a specific one, but who knows with others? But as for being informed or not, when has that ever stopped anyone from giving an opinion? :P

Anonymous said...

I hate to detract from your example but Jack Vance published his most recent novel, Lurulu, in 2004.

Lsrry said...

Yeah, I meant to correct that after Adam informed me last night. I'll correct it after work.

AJ said...

You know what I like about this blog? GRRM like myself can chose to read it, I can chose not to read it. Hopefully people will post there rather than posting on GRRM's "not a blog". Give them an avenue to do as they please somewhere else.

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