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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A question for those in the know

Imagine if Thomas Bernhard and José Saramago were students asked to write a story using only one paragraph. Which one of the two would write a story that would drive their hypothetical teacher crazy?

Brought to you by reading Bernhard's The Loser at the end of the work day....


marbelcal said...

Are some of your students potential Nobel prize winners? :)

Anonymous said...

Have you checked Saramago's new blog? I think he started it some months ago. He's having a great time blogging! (Portuguese)

Lsrry said...

I like to think all of my students have that potential, but in reality...probably not :P

And yes, I've seen Saramago's blog several months ago and I meant to add it to my blogroll, but forgot for some reason. I'll take care of that later this weekend. And I do agree that he does seem to enjoy blogging, even if he's writing in "normal" paragraph form :P

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