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Friday, October 16, 2009

New poll on a possible (un)official mascot for this blog

Forget the weighty issue of choosing between excellent books.  I have decided to present to you a new image (in the upper right corner of the blog) and a new poll seeking opinions on a possible (un)official mascot for this blog.

There's just something about squirrels that has appealed to me for years, even before they became a sort of in-joke between me and another on another site.  Nothing says a combination of quickness, intelligence, craziness, and perhaps evil like a squirrel grasping the mother source of paper, a tree.  Therefore, I think it might be amusing to have the squirrel become a sort of mascot for this blog.  What do you think?

For those viewing this via RSS feeds, be sure to visit the blog directly so you can vote in this very non-serious poll!


Unknown said...

Honestly, squirrels are not all that terrifying. I find chipmunks and guinea pigs more terrifying...I now what they are planning.

Eileen said...

It's definitely different but I like it. I'm glad it's not a wolf, big cat, unicorn, or any other cliched fantasy "magic animal."

I'm quite fond of coyotes myself. They have such a bad reputation as dangerous vermin, but they're really very beautiful, intelligent creatures with a vital niche in the ecosystem.

Larry Nolen said...

I dunno, Shaun...I saw a squirrel bite my lab on the nose, so I'd have to say they're capable of doing some damage... ;)


Yeah, I like to avoid the standard fare when considering what sort of animal would best fit me (besides a fennec, that is, those are very cool).

Coyotes? I hear them all the time in the wintertime, but they don't do much damage, since our three dogs are 50 lbs. or heavier. But I have nothing against them, minus the yips at night when I'm trying to sleep! :P

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