The OF Blog: The second half of the third round of the book culling

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The second half of the third round of the book culling

About to return to the used bookstore to trade in more books.  Most of the books I will buy will not be for my personal use, but for students at the rehab center where I work.

Yes, there are several books here that probably would make for good reading for readers here.  If you happen to live in the Nashville area, I'm taking these to the McKay's on Charlotte Pike.

And yes, quite a few (sub)genres are included in these photos.

I believe the number of books that I didn't read can all be counted on a single hand.  Like last time, most of these books are decent to good.  They just aren't the best of the best and that's what I'm retooling my library to be, a combination of rare and classic novels and a rotating collection of more current novels.  Oh, and hundreds of foreign language works.  Those aren't being traded in at all during these culls.

The Norwich is being traded in only because I'm going to be buying a hardcover set of the three-volume unabridged edition.  Do recommend this concise novel for those who want to know more about the Byzantine Empire.

So, which novels out of these four dozen or so pictured would you like to read/own?

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Brenda said...

I've read Blackbringer and the books by Kristin Cashore, and those three are ones I'd like in my collection someday. It's always nice to get rid of the old to make room for the new, though.

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