The OF Blog: Umberto Eco and Javier Negrete Book Porn

Friday, December 03, 2010

Umberto Eco and Javier Negrete Book Porn

Now that my copy of the Spanish translation of Umberto Eco latest novel has arrived, I thought I'd post three pictures of that and the Italian original side-by-side for readers here to judge which is the better-made (or at least covered) edition.

For those that can read it, the Spanish edition has on its back a description of the book's contents, while the Italian is suitably black (the description there is inside one of the flaps).

Enjoy the MacBook in the background?

In addition to the Eco, I also received my long-awaited copy of Javier Negrete's latest novel, Atlántida, which so far is a fairly good book set in near-future times dealing with a possible landmark discovery of the "real Atlantis."  As with the Eco, I will review it in the near future.

So, besides choosing which Eco edition looks best, what do you make of the Negrete cover?


Roh said...

I'm going with the black cover for the Eco - there's something jarring about the red, though maybe it has significance to the content.

As for the Negrete - well, obviously the cover is utterly lovely. Atlántida also sounds sexier than "Atlantis", by the way.

Roh said...

I think part of what is wrong with the red cover is that mysterious coated figure is walking, as opposed to mysterious figure pausing at top of the stairs in the black cover.

Lsrry said...

True, but the really disappointing thing about both covers is that there is no real image of the old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, which does play some role in the story.

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