The OF Blog: Snow and dog...go well together?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow and dog...go well together?

Here's a picture of the family's 13.5 year-old mixed-breed dog, Ally, outside during a rare December snowstorm here in the suburbs of Nashville, TN.  Despite all the snow on top of her, she would much rather be outside than inside (even when there's a detached garage/shed where she can seek shelter).  Her coat is so thick that her body heat doesn't reach the top half of her fur.  Thought some of you might find this to be an amusing picture, so enjoy?


Manoj Kumar said...

Nice dog, seen first time.

Jessica said...

She looks spectacularly unimpressed with having her picture taken.

I shivered when I saw the picture. Brrr! I'm glad that she's apparently content, though.

Larry said...

Yep, that's her usual look whenever we try to get her attention. Such an amusingly cantankerous dog. She did spend a few hours inside last night to defrost and she hated every minute of it. I guess some dogs, like humans, prefer snow to tropical warmth (weird as those beings are to me).

Ludimila Hashi said...

looking at this pic makes me want to have a dog, and I'm more of a cat person. something about her look and her fur is captivating.

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